Our Product

We pride ourselves on ensuring we supply the products the customer needs, using the best specialist manufacturers and suppliers for our clients, and always at the day’s market price.

  1. Quality product – as we buy or manufacturer to order, we can ensure the quality of supply.
  2. Consistent assortment – as a strong buyer in this specialist area we are able to buy volume to generate value and provide a reliable supply and consistency of assortments.
  3. Consistent supply – our extensive network of suppliers means we are never without supplier options and have a wide range of specialist to meet all our clients’ needs
  4. Inventory – To ensure continuity of our assortments and due to our financial strength we are capable of maintaining a large and well balance stock
  5. Best Practice – we always ensure our suppliers are respecting the Kimberley Process and as a member of RJC, we are bound by their principles and codes of practice. We have recently (hope to be) been successfully audited and accredited by third party auditors showing compliance with the RJC codes of practice.