Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is derived from our flexible business model which allows us to adjust our polished supply between our own manufacturing units and buying polished. This is combined with our ability to read market conditions and ensures we secure the best value of polished for clients and deliver their exact order requirements.

Business Model

Our flexible trading platform allows us to cater for our diverse range of clients and their variety of needs whilst meeting their size, quality and volume requirements.


Through our business model and scale, we are able to offer standardized assortments and tailor made assortments exactly to each client’s needs on a regular basis.

Grading team

Our Grading team is highly trained and between all our graders we have over x hundred years of diamond grading experience.

Scale of business

As a major buyer of small polished, we are able to able to build stronger relationships with suppliers, secure more consistent prices and longer term supply contracts.


We pride ourselves on our customer focus and strive to ensure doing business with us is a pleasure.

Through this approach we have built a reputation of supplying the best value, consistent polished assortments available on the market and without our sourcing and sorting skills, our clients would be unable to secure the precise assortments, and at such an affordable price.