Our Products

We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of small round polished diamonds and are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in this category. Our assortments are graded by Make, Color and Quality across five key sizes from 0.003 (333 stones per carat) up to 0.17 carats (5.5 stones per carat). See Our Assortments.

Core to our product proposition is our ability and proven track record to supply customers with their exact product needs, using either our in-house manufacturing supply chain or buying from our network of specialist  manufacturers.

Our diamonds are sieved and sized as per internationally recognized sieve sizes and our colors are based on the internationally accepted coloring standards and blended in line with customer needs.

The Cut (often referred to as Make) of the diamond, is the quality of the finished product in terms of its proportions, symmetry and polish, and can be split into three distinct types:

  1. Chinese          – Very High quality machine produced polished
  2. Vietnamese   –  High grade hand polished stones
  3. Indian            –  Medium grade of hand polished stones

We offer customers both standardized assortments and tailor made assortments exactly to the requirements of the customer and we have 5 main assortments categories (1,2, 3, 4 & 5) which are then broken down in to sub assortments as shown in the Our Assortments section.

We ensure

Quality products

As we manufacture our own production where possible or buy to order, we can ensure the quality of our assortments. See assortments.

Consistent assortment

Due to our experienced grading team and buying ability in this specialist area, we are able to deliver large volumes of highly consistent assortments, providing customers with the necessary reassurance of a reliable and consistent supply.

Consistent supply

Our own manufacturing and extensive network of suppliers, means we are never without supplier options and have a wide range of specialist to meet all our clients’ needs.


To ensure continuity of our assortments and meet fluctuating demand from regional sales offices, we always maintain a large and well balance stock.

Other services

In addition to our small polished assortments, we hold a diverse inventory of certified polished (GIA, IGI and HRD) from 0.18 up to 10.0 carats and supply clients with a full range of shapes, colors and clarities.