Business Model

Our business model allows us to adjust our polished supply from either our own manufacturing units in India, Vietnam and China or by buying direct from a network of specialist polished suppliers in India.


This business model gives us the advantage of being able to adjust our polished sources on a day to day basis based on the market dynamics and client needs, in order to produce the best assortments and prices.

This flexible approach to sourcing is combined with our highly experienced sorting team, who tailor our products to meet with the strict requirements of our standard assortments and specific client needs.

Global Offices

With offices in the leading trading centers of Antwerp, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai, we are ideally positioned to source polish from our manufacturing unit and other suppliers, monitor market trends, service clients and service the growing Far East & USA market.


Our attention to detail is second to none and ensures both a quality product and assortment, but most importantly complete assurance of the diamond pipeline from rough to polish and on to our customers. This has been endorsed by the completion of a third party audit for compliance with the Responsible Jewelry Council codes of practice and standards.

Service plays a pivotal role in our company and our high levels of customer and staff retention reflects our high standards in this area.