About Us

In order to expand the family business Chintamani Diamonds was established to target the European market for small polished diamonds.

We specialist in polished diamonds between 0.003 to 0.17 carats and have built a unique understanding of the market fundamentals for this segment and the assortments required by our clients.

Following success in Antwerp we have subsequently expanded our business into four key diamond centers – Dubai, Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai with additional offices planned in the near future.

Polished Supply

We have established an extensive infrastructure from which we manufacture and create a wide range of tailored polished assortments for small diamonds, from Top to Commercial makes, with a full range of colors and qualities.

We have two major sources of supply, with our Top Chinese make coming from our manufacturing units in China and our Vietnamese make coming from our manufacturing units in Vietnam and our Indian makes coming from our India suppliers. This balance enables us to always deliver the correct volume of uniform and standardized quality of diamonds with exact sizes in line with each customer’s unique set of requirements.

Polished Assortments

Our assortment reputation and unique understanding of the market comes from daily trading and manufacturing of these goods over the last three decades, offices in all the major global trading centers and close liaison with our polished suppliers.

At the heart of our polished assortments is a large team of experienced graders who prepare both the standard and tailor-made assortments which are renowned for their consistency and regularly availability.

Customer Focus

As a progressive multinational company we have grown exponentially as a result of our customer focus, passionate team and the leadership of the Mehta family, to become the leading polished manufacturer and distributor for small polished.


Pivotal to our success has been our desire to build closer working partnerships with our customers and suppliers by focusing on understanding their needs. Through this approach we have been able to supply and adjust to their growing and varied polished requirements.


We have a reputation to be able to secure any polished requirements. This enables our customers to have total trust in our supply chain to deliver their needs, be it focused on Price, Make, Quality, Volume or a combination of all four.